Canada Wiki

Hey! I'm TSter The Great. Over my period of time on this wiki, I have focused primarily on the Provincial Highways of BC (among other things), and will continue to work on the Alberta highways after my BC pages are fine-tuned. I've also been working on the Trans-Canada Highway page, which has come to a steady halt. I will hopefully get back to it in the near future, though, so stay tuned!

After I'm finished with the Highways of Canada, I'm going to be focusing my efforts for this wiki primarily on BC, and maybe some of the Canadian History, but that's far off.

Created Pages

The first page I created on this wiki was Revelstoke, British Columbia, which is where I live. I later created the Revelstoke Mountain Resort page, which could greatly be expanded upon. I started a History of Canada page, which is currently a stub. I created the Trans-Canada Highway page awhile back, and hope to finish it in the near future. On that note, I am also nearly finished theBC Highways pages, and they should be completed with a section for History, Route Details(done), References, and some images, and of course an infobox. This is in my plans, but I want to also start working on the Provincial highways of Alberta, so I will be starting on that soon as well.

What am I doing Now?

I've temporarily stopped my work on the BC Highways and Trans-Canada Highway, but I hope to get back to them once I am finished with my current project, which is Transportation throughout the Metro Vancouver region. There is a lot to be done with this project, but I'm hoping I can finish fairly soon. As of right now, most of my TransLink (regional transport authority in Metro Vancouver) pages are stubs, and I apologize for the length of time it is taking me to finish.