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I am Pikalin38 and I am going to focus on Ontario. My favorite city in Canada is Pembroke, Ontario. I am on a vacation to Ottawa from January 23, 2012 to Feburary 2, 2012.

I am usually editing at the Sharpay Evans article and then I edit the Pembroke, ON article on the whole wiki. Focusing still on Super Smash Bros. Bowl Wiki.

Born (June 1, 2001) in High School Musical.

The best hometown in Ontario might be between Ottawa, Ontario, Petawawa, Ontario and Pembroke, Ontario.

My worst hometown is Pemberton, British Columbia (difference between both).

In The Backyardigans, I revert edits and does undo revisions.

I work in the wiki.

My main article is List of cities in Canada.



Hi I am Pikalin38, I am focusing on Ontario.

My favorite pages

I love the Canadian supercentenarians. My most favorite is Marie-Louise Meilleur.

Top 20 Favorite cities

  1. Pembroke, Ontario
  2. Ottawa, Ontario
  3. Hamilton, Ontario
  4. Grande Prairie, Alberta
  5. Oshawa, Ontario
  6. North Bay, Ontario
  7. Greater Sudbury, Ontario
  8. Calgary, Alberta
  9. Edmonton, Alberta
  10. Camrose, Alberta
  11. Saint John, New Brunswick
  12. Moncton, New Brunswick
  13. Kingston, Ontario
  14. Brockville, Ontario
  15. Winnipeg, Manitoba
  16. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  17. Belleville, Ontario
  18. Barrie, Ontario
  19. Orillia, Ontario
  20. Peterborough, Ontario

Top 20 Favorite Towns

  1. Petawawa, Ontario
  2. Arnprior, Ontario
  3. Perth, Ontario
  4. Revelstoke, British Columbia

My Least Favorite Places

  • British Columbia: Parksville
  • Alberta: Alder Flats
  • Sasketchewan: Qu'appelle
  • Manitoba: Thompson
  • Ontario: Allenford (surronded by Pembroke's arm wrestler)