Prescott and Russell County, United Counties of Prescott-Russell, Prescott and Russell United Counties, or simply Prescott-Russell County is a county in Eastern Ontario. It has a population of roughly 80,000. It is mainly francophone.

List of 10 Largest Communities in Prescott and Russell County

The following populations are that of the postal code(s) of the communities and not that of the incorporated municipalities. For example, the Hawkesbury population listed below is that of all the homes addressed to as "Hawkesbury, Ontario" instead of the municipality of Hawkesbury.

The reason for this is that apart from Hawkesbury and Casselman, the communities listed here are unincorporated (part of a larger municipality), so postal code populations are the only available demographic. For the sake of consistency, the populations of Hawkesbury and Casselman (which differ between postal code populations and actual municipal populations) listed here are that of the postal code.

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Rank Community Population in 2006 (Estimated)
1 Hawkesbury 13,145
2 Rockland 12,312
3 Embrun 11,514
4 Russell 7,507
5 Casselman 4,875
6 L'Orignal 3,543
7 Clarence Point 3,111
8 Limoges 2,873
9 Vankleek Hill 1,840
10 Alfred 1,543
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