Tessa Bonhommme


July 23, 1985


25 (Wipeout Canada)


Battle of the Blades, Wipeout Canada


Greater Sudbury

Tessa Bonhomme (born July 23, 1985) is a Canadian female hockey player from the city of Greater Sudbury. She was also selected to be an contestant on an all athlete episode of Wipeout Canada, becoming eliminated in the Dizzy Dummy.


Tessa Bonhomme got hit by Birdo, Yoshi, Toad, Toadette and at last Avril Lavigne on the face when Allen Ford, Nicky Sapera and Evan Cundal, all from Pembroke, started the 100 largest metropolitan areas in Canada quiz on Sporcle and then they say "Huh, we are in last. Trump fired us. Now Pikalin38 will be joining us.". Tessa won a match againest Ladysmith's own Pamela Anderson to be on the 100 larget metropolitan areas in Canada

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