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This is the bold middot template, it looks like this: " · ". It works similarly to the html+wiki markup sequence [&nbsp;<b>&middot;</b> ]. That is, a non-breaking space, a bolded middot and a normal space.

This template is used when you want something smaller than a bullet "•", ndash "–" or mdash "—".

This template's use for dotted lists is now deprecated. Use Template:Tl or class="hlist" instead; see WP:HLIST.

Here's an example of how it's used
Template Dot is not really intended to be used in article text; it's intended for use in other templates, tables, lists and other equivalent things, in order to include a separator between items such as in infoboxes. It's also to be consistent so that the article editor can use their choice of bull. Item18

The space on the end makes sure the dot doesn't touch the edge of the box, either

Technical details

The space before the dot is a non-breaking space. That means it will not line break and will not collapse together with normal spaces that come before the template.

The space after the dot is a normal space. That means it wraps (allows line breaks) and it will collapse together with normal spaces that come after the template to form one single space.

Under some circumstances dotted link lists misbehave. They might get unexpected line wraps or they might expand outside the box they are enclosed in. The how-to guide Canada Wiki:Line break handling explains when that happens and how to fix it.

Dot sizes

Template:Dot size

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