SkyTrain is a light rail rapid transit system through Metro Vancouver in British Columbia. It currently runs on three lines. It is mostly elevated, except there are short at-grade sections, as well as underground. It is owned and operated by TransLink.


Planning began in the 1970's, when traffic and congestion became a problem. Instead to freeways and highways running through Downtown Vancouver, advanced rapid transit was chosen. Testing and building of cars and technology began in Kingston, Ontario.


SkyTrain runs on 3 lines.

Expo Line

The Expo Line is the oldest line in the network. It opened in 1985 for Expo '86 (its namesake). It only ran from Waterfront Station in Vancouver to New Westminster Station in New Westminster until 1989, when it was extended to Columbia Station. The Skybridge across the Fraser River, open in 1990, further extended the line to Scott Road Station in Surrey. The current terminus is at King George Station, which opened in 1994.

Millennium Line

The Millennium Line is the second oldest line in the network, opened on January 2, 2002. At this time, trains ran from Waterfront Station in Vancouver, sharing tracks with the Expo Line to Columbia Station in New Westminster, then diverging east to Braid Station. The line from Braid Station to Commercial-Broadway Station opened on September 4, 2002. Lake City Way Station opened on November 21, 2003, and the final terminus as VCC-Clark Station opened on January 6th, 2006.

Canada Line

The Canada Line is a line in the network, opened on August 26th, 2009, was a line servicing Vancouver International Airport, built mainly for the upcoming 2010 Winter Olympics. It runs from Waterfront Station in Vancouver, to Richmond-Brighouse Station in Richmond, as well as YVR-Airport Station at Vancouver International Airport.

Evergreen Extension

The Evergreen Line is a line that is now open. It opened on December 2, 2016 and is a extension of the Millennium Line. The existing Millennium Line stations, from VCC-Clark to Lougheed Town Centre will be taken over by the Evergreen Line, and the Expo Line will only go from Waterfront to Production Way- University. The Evergreen Line will have connections with the West Coast Express at Moody Centre Station (via Port Moody Station), and Coquitlam Central Station.

Skytrain Fleet

The Expo and Millennium Line fleet consists of:

Fleet Numbering Year Built Model Number Built
001-056 1984 MK I 56
061-118 1985 MK I 58
121-136 1991 MK I 16
137-156 1995 MK I 20
201-260 2001 MK II 60
301-348 2009 MK II 48
401-428 2016 MK III 28

The Canada Line fleet consists of:

Fleet Numbering Year Built Model Number Built
101/201-120/220 2009 Hyundai-Rotem LRV 40

Total amount of cars: 326

Fleet On Order

Fleet Numbering Year Being Built Model Number Being Built
429-456 ? MK III 28
? ? Hyundai-Rotem LRV 22
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