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Revelstoke, BC
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British Columbia


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Revy, Revelstuck, The Stoke

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Revelstoke is a small town located in the province of British Columbia. It is about a six-hour drive from Vancouver following the Trans-Canada Highway. It is commonly referred to as the Snowmobile capital of Canada.


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Revelstoke is split up into 6 main districts:

Arrow Heights

Arrow Heights is in the complete opposite side of town as the main entrance area, and as such does not have a very high population. Located at the foot of Mt. Mackenzie (home of Revelstoke Mountain Resort), most of the houses are very luxurious, and are naturally very expensive, some of which pricing over $1 million! Some places to note are Arrow Heights Elementary School, the Queen Victoria Hospital, Revelstoke Airport (YRV) and the Ski Resort.

Big Eddy

Big Eddy is located seperated from the rest of Revelstoke by the Columbia River, connected by a one-way bridge. Big Eddy consists of many houses, a couple gas stations, a pub, and a shut down Elementary School. It is also where most of the Automotive Repairs and supplies stores are.

Columbia Park

As soon as you enter town, you are immediately shown a group of restaurants and hotels such as McDonald's, A&W, Chevron, the Sandman Inn, etc. Making a left at the chevron will bring you onto a different road of which leads to the Columbia Park district. This area of town is mostly houses. There is an elementary school (Columbia Park Elementary) right around the middle beside a hill. It has been the largest (by population) elementary school in Revelstoke since the shut-down of Big Eddy School.


As the name implies, Downtown Revelstoke is, well, downtown. The downtown area consists mostly of shops and restaurants, and few houses. Most nights in the summer, live music is played on the bandstand on Mackenzie Avenue. Also, the farmer's market is held here in the summer every Saturday. Some places to note are the Revelstoke Aquatic Centre, the Roxy Theatre, Revelstoke Secondary School, the many restaurants and coffee shops, and the Revelstoke Train Station.

Mount Begbie

The Mount Begbie district runs from fourth Street (just across Mackenzie Avenue) to the Illecillewaet River, and everything south of it (Running down the river). There are plenty of houses here, as well as a grocery store and a school. Places to note include, but are not limited to, Mt. Begbie Elementary School, Southside Market, and the Bottle Depot.

Mountain View

The Mountain View district is around the centre of the town, and runs along the Columbia River and the Canadian Pacific Railway. It consists of many houses, a school, and three hotels. Places to note are Mountain View Elementary School, Alpine Inn, Mountain View Motel, Swiss Chalet Motel, and the Esso gas station.