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Flag of Quebec

Capital City

Quebec City

Largest City


Largest Metro Area

Greater Montreal


Philippe Couillard(Liberal)

Area (km²)

1,542,056 km2



Official Language(s)

French and English

Québec is the province with the highest concentration of French-speaking Canadians. Its capital is Quebec, also known as Quebec City (Capitale nationale). A majority of Quebecois are French-speaking; there are however 500 thousand English-speaking Quebecois. The ratio is 8:1, but 3:1 in Montréal. The highest concentration of anglophones in Quebec is on the West Shore of Montreal, including places like Point Claire, St-Anne-de-Belle-vue and Beaconsfield. Ils votent le plus souvent Libéral.

A la derniere élection fédérale, le Parti Néo-Démocrate a gagné le plupart des sieges au Québec. At the last federal election, the NDP won most of the Quebec seats. Le NDP est asteur majoritairement francophone!

2011 Federal: NDP 59 - Liberal 7 - Tory 5 - Bloc quebecois 4. = 75

4/2014 Provincial. Liberal 70 - PQ 30 - Avenir (conservative) 22 - Q-Solidaire (far-left) 3. Pauline Marois (PQ) beaten and resigns as party leader.



On July 4, 2013 a runaway train of oil containers exploded in the little town (5,000) of Lac-Megantic. 15 people are confirmed dead and 35 are missing, presumed dead. As yet there is no explanation of why the parked train began moving.

2014: The Liberals beat the Nationalists and the new PM is M. Jean Couillard.


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