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Petawawa, Ontario
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The place in Canada where Sharpay Evans lives (Chad)

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Renfrew County, Ontario

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Chalk River, Ontario

Petawawa, Ontario is the normal stop of Sharpay Evans in the show Wipeout Canada.

Petawawa, Ontario is a town in Renfrew County in eastern Ontario and the hometown and it belongs to the home to both Sharpay Evans and Evan Cundal in the show Wipeout Canada. It is also near Pearl Krabs. In the town of Petawawa, Sharpay lives near the Necklace Trail.


Petawawa has not many stores in the place to go like Dollarama, but it has the Emerald Necklace Trail. Petawawa is the most voted town of Canada in Sharpay Evans history. Petawawa, Ontario had won a wipey award, and is the most populous town in Ontario for doing Allen Ford's fabulous dancing. Petawawa won Three Eggs Moony Side Up wipey award.

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  • Gabriella Montez of Arnprior used to have a character named Kelsi Nielsen from High School Musical, but Allen Ford was absent during the song. Sharpay sings the song "We're Knights" from the special Tale of the Mighty Knights of The Backyardigans.
  • Sharpay Evans officially lives in Petawawa for the show Wipeout Canada.
  • Petawawa, Ontario is best known for living from the character Sharpay Evans and doing the sharp-arp.
  • In the part Pembroke, ON appears in episode 7, Petawawa steals the show and gets it back.

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