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Napanee is a town in Ontario.

Greater Napanee is Ryan Evans' stop in eastern Ontario. He lives near the image in a house.

Canadian actress Avril Lavigne of Belleville, Ontario was moved to that place.

In the show Wipeout Canada, also the character from High School Musical Ryan Evans lives here in the seasons of Wipeout Canada.


Napanee, Ontario (hometown in Ontario to the character Ryan Evans)'s place interview is almost the same as the character Kelsi Nielsen's interview, expect he lives in a town and she lives in a medium-small city.


  • Mrs. Puff herts her leg in the town.
  • Kelsi Nielsen is known for doing Canadian Arm Wrestling in Napanee near Pearl Krabs' house.
  • Napanee, Ontario is best known for winning "Best Town in Ontario" on the episode The Wipey Awards.

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