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Deep River, Ontario is a Canadian town in northern-southern Ontario, the hometown in Renfrew County and the town in the province of Ontario to the female character Mrs. Puff from SpongeBob SquarePants in the Canadian show Wipeout Canada. It is the place Mrs. Puff was born in, where Lava Springs Country Club is in (but near the house Mrs. Puff from SpongeBob SquarePants lives on). It is the place Kelsi Nielsen lived in January 2012, named after a river and it's deep (Into the Deep) from The Backyardigans. Mrs. Puff was born here in the show Wipeout Canada a lot, but Austin and Uniqua thinks the county is boring to drive. It is near Chalk River, behind the character Sharpay Evans on Wipeout Canada.


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  • In an error in Wipeout Canada episode 7, Mrs. Puff says "Allen Ford's not the hitman anymore" while Tasha as Captain Redboots appears in the Wipeout Zone again and sings a song by Canadian singer Avril Lavigne from Napanee.

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