General Brock Courthouse Building Brockville Ontario

"Brockville" is an independent city and the current county seat in United Counties of Leeds and Grenville in eastern Ontario.


  • Toadette was born here. Kelsi Nielsen lives in the city for episode 2.
  • Uniqua was born here in Brockville (lives near the house of the character Toadette), but moved to Petawawa since episode 2 of Wipeout Canada.
  • In Nicky Sapera, Evan Cundal, Allen Ford, all from Pembroke, Ontario and Caroline Dalpe's episodes of the show Wipeout Canada, Toadette says "You cannot defeat me. We're going to Canada Wiki and edit Kelsi's stop."
  • The armwresting ribfest takes place in Brockville, Ontario in August way before Pembroke native Allen Ford's date of birth, the home to Toadette. It is two minutes away from Toadette house, and five minutes from Star's house.
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