Highway 7 (AKA the Lougheed Highway) is used as an alternative route to Hope through the Lower Mainland, and follows the north bank of the Fraser River, while Highway 1 (the Trans-Canada Highway) follows the south. Highway 7 is also a major freeway used for transportation around the Lower Mainland.

Route Details

The entire highway is 118km long, and starts on Granville Street in Vancouver. The highway immediately goes northeast to the Cape Horn Interchange, where it merges with Highway 1 for just a short distance, before leaving on United Boulevard.

Highway 7 then travels east across the Pitt River Bridge into Pitt Meadows. From here, it heads southeast into Maple Ridge, and then crosses into Mission to the east. While in Mission, it reaches a junction with Highway 11. East of the junction, the highway leaves Mission via the Hatzic Pump Bridge.

East of Mission, Highway 7 enters Kent. It then travels east to a junction with Highway 9 in Agassiz. From here, it travels northeast to a junction with Highway 1 in Haig, where it ends just west of Hope.

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