Arnprior, Ontario (nicknamed the Prior) is a town in western Renfrew County and eastern Ontario. Located 401 km(250 miles) northeast of Toronto, Ontario it is the hometown to the famous Disney main female character Gabriella Montez at the time Wipeout Canada has chosen some contestants from High School Musical, High School Musical 2 and High School Musical 3: Senior Year on Wipeout Canada (all episodes of the show but not absent for every episode). The town is present for all episodes. It is Monique Coleman's favorite hometown of Renfrew County. Also the characters Kelsi Nielsen and Allen Ford checked out if Mrs. Puff is planned for leaving Deep River and move to Arnprior (Episode 2 of Wipeout Canada on the Sweeper to the Dizzy Dummy). The quote of Arnprior is always "Gabriella".

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