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Allen Ford
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Allen Ford from Pembroke. He loves A Life in A Day and O Canada.


Wipeout Canada


Emperor, Arm Wrestler


August 24, 1976


Pembroke, Ontario

Allen Ford (born August 24, 1976) is a resident of Pembroke, Ontario, not Revelstoke. He was on the episode Sharpay Evans voted (episode 7: Chocolate Thunder), but he was eliminated in the Dizzy Dummy losing to Ottawa's Taylor McKessie. He started breaking out since he was about 36, but in the Super Smash Bros. Bowl Wiki, Allen Ford's hat looks like the mad scientist from Scared of You. His birthday is way before some Canadian singers like Avril Lavigne (born September) and Carly Rae Jepsen (born November). Allen Ford was absent for some series of Arm Melters.


  • "No, I'm not a resident of Revelstoke, I live in Pembroke."

Pembroke, Ontario

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Allen Ford from Pembroke's looks like when Uniqua and Tasha are volcano sisters (The Legend of the Volcano Sisters).

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